First Grade

American Ballet Theatre

P.S. 1 is the recipient of the DOE ARTS grant. Pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st grade students will attend weekly classes to learn dance moves to retell a book read in the classroom. This grant highlights how dance class support students classified as English as a New Language Learner and/or Students with Disabilities. All students will perform at the grade’s culminating event.


The program provides students in Pre-K to 1st grade with an opportunity to learn about healthy food choices and how to prepare healthy snacks and meals. Students learn about the various food groups.  Parents engage in the Parent Cookshop program to learn about healthy food choices as well.

New York City Football Club (Soccer)

Coaches work with students to practice soccer drills, learn about sportsmanship behavior, and discuss healthy food choices to support an active lifestyle.

Reading Empowers

On Saturdays, APEX and Reading Empowers offers students in grades 1, 2, and 3 academic support through read aloud and book activities.

Rising New York Road Runners

This program provides students in grades Pre-K to 5 with opportunities to engage in physical activity as well as learn about healthy eating habits during the school day.

Spoons Across America

Students in grades 1-5 learn about healthy eating and nutrition.  Each grade focuses on a different aspect of healthy eating and nutrition. Spoons Food Explorers is a food and literacy program where our 1st graders actively explore a variety of fresh, healthy foods using all their senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and of course taste! Children fill out their “Food Passports” as they follow a “sensory map” on their healthy food adventure.