Fifth Grade

American Ballet Theatre

Make a Ballet Program provides 5th grade students with opportunities to learn and perform ballet. In addition, the children write their own ballet, create the set, and perform it for the school community in a week long residency. Selected students have an opportunity to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House.

Apex for Youth

This year-long Saturday program offers academic support, test preparation, and/or basketball lessons for students in grades 3-5.

Dancing Classrooms

This program provides all 5th grade students with 20 sessions of ballroom dancing instruction. Students will perform at a Culminating Event in December.  Selected students will attend competition matches and represent P.S. 1.

New York City Football Club (Soccer)

Coaches work with 4th and 5th grades students after school to practice soccer drills, learn about sportsmanship behavior, and discuss healthy food choices to support an active lifestyle.

P.S. 1 Service Team

This program provides students in grades 1-5 with a community service project, such as a coat drive or canned food drive. The donations support causes such as hurricane relief, support for soldiers, and families who need additional support. We have partnered with New York Cares.

Rising New York Road Runners

This program provides students in grades Pre-K to 5 with opportunities to engage in physical activity as well as learn about healthy eating habits during the school day. Students in grades 4-5 can participate in an after school program that focuses on maintaining an active lifestyle through running.  Students can attend weekend races and track and field events.

Spoons Across America

Students in grades 1-5 learn about healthy eating and nutrition.  Each grade focuses on a different aspect of healthy eating and nutrition. The Dinner Party Project allows fifth grade students to learn and implement components necessary to plan a dinner party, such as cooking a meal and serving the courses to their families at the culminating dinner party event.  Students learn the different courses within a meal and the importance of eating a meal together.