Classroom Spotlight

February 2022 – PS 1 Classroom Spotlight on Fourth Grade!

Fourth grade is a year of growth; not only in academics but also social emotionally. This year comes with many student responsibilities, which fosters independence and academic advocacy. We have intentional selected programs to support our rigorous curriculum that further enhance our students’ critical thinking, identity and creativity.

Our fourth graders are participating in a wonderful dance program with the National Dance Institute. NDI (National Dance Institute) is a non-profit arts education organization that brings children together through dance and music. We believe that every child should have access to learning in and through the arts. The students dance, sing, create artwork and have fun!

Our fourth graders are participating in Bricks for Kids in which they learn about engineering concepts and vocabulary. They are designing and building structures such as race cars, robots and carousels by applying what they have learned. First, students are introduced to the Lego models and are tasked with analyzing the building plans. Next, using specialized Lego kits, students create 3-D models of the structures in groups. For the Dual Language class, sessions are in Mandarin for another opportunity for learning language.

Fourth graders at P.S.1 visit our neighborhood library, Chatham Square Library. Our students learn the digital systems and procedures for taking out and returning books at the library. The library books are additional resources the students use to further their in-class research and studies.