Classroom Spotlight

March/April 2022 – PS 1 Classroom Spotlight on second Grade!

Our 2nd graders have had a very busy year with learning and growing with each other and our school partners.

Once again our second graders had the opportunity to work with the Center For Architecture. This year the focus was on the science and engineering behind bridges and skyscrapers. The children worked in partnerships to design a bridge together. They drew blueprints then constructed their bridges. Also, the second graders made their own skyscraper hats and costumes to celebrate what they learned about skyscrapers.

New for us this year is the Lego Bricks 4 Kids program. Each week of the program the children are presented with a three- dimensional figure. They are asked to study and think about the three-dimensional structure. Then they are challenged to follow the pictorial directions and build the structure with a partner. After they finish building their structure, they test their structure. If they are accurate in building the structure the motorized part will operate and their Lego structure will have a functioning mechanical part.

The National Dance Institute, or as we usually call it NDI, is a wonderful Art program that we have partnered with for many years. The program instills a love of the arts through dance and music. The children become more confident with each passing week. The teachers focus their work on a topic each year. This year it is the idea that we are all strong individuals but together we are stronger. We made a beautiful mosaic to represent this topic!