Classroom Spotlight

February 2023 – PS 1 Classroom Spotlight on Third Grade!

The class had special trips to the North Pole and Barnes and Noble.

They were invited to visit Santa at the “North Pole” this past Christmas. The kids met Santa and some of them tugged on his beard.

In third grade, the kids were also part of the My Own Book Fund where they chose $60 worth of books from Barnes and Noble to build their own home library. They are on the road to being life-long readers.

P.S. 1 has enthusiastic language learners. Students in the Dual Language class are busy learning how to speak, understand, read, and write in Mandarin Chinese. They are learning about and appreciating the Chinese Culture.

One of the wonderful programs these 3rd graders participated in was City Lore where they made puppets and spent time storytelling. They incorporated their knowledge of stories (narrative writing) such as story elements (characters, traits, setting, story problem, character relationships) as they developed their oral stories. We had a special treat and saw a marionette show at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater in Central Park with professional puppeteers.

The kids also participate in NDI (National Dance Institute) every Monday. They learn how to move with music following choreography and listening to beats. They learn music and are singing as well. This year’s theme is on the life of Dr. Maya Angelo. She was a poet, writer, activist, dancer, singer, performer, and an inspiration and motivator. We are learning about her life so that we can be inspired by her words and actions.

Every teacher says that their year is important and third grade is no different. The kids are becoming more independent and motivating one another. They are becoming more independent in their academics as well as being citizens in their community. We work on character building and community building because we are all part of a bigger whole.